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Private Singing & Instrumental Music Lessons for Adults and Kids, Community & Corporate Workshops, Professional Musician Hire, Performance Psychology & NLP Training Services

Welcome to Pro Expression Music School Melbourne! Our music school in Brunswick is renowned and respected for offering highest quality private singing lessons and instrumental music lessons for adults and kids in Melbourne since 2003!

Some of the most dedicated, highly qualified, specialist private music teachers Melbourne has to offer, our team are all also acclaimed professional musicians themselves with years of professional performance and teaching experience in several styles of music, are dedicated to teaching you more than just your instrument and notes.. we aim to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE, DEEPLY EDUCATE and SUPPORT YOU in your learning, HAVE FUN and LOVE MUSIC, THE JOURNEY OF LEARNING and ENJOY SINGING & PLAYING EASILY, SOONER than you may have thought possible!  We guide you step by step, tailoring every lesson to your needs, interests, musical goals and learning style.

People continue to choose us, the trusted experts in private music education, because we constantly raise the bar in teaching methods and the results we produce in our students and clients, and are dedicated to helping you in every way we can: music lessons for pleasure, hobby, brushing up rusty skills, fixing lazy damaging techniques you’ve picked up by being self-taught or by unfortunately under-qualified teachers and schools elsewhere; we also help you improve your breath control and posture to unleash your best and most natural sound and to play with more ease, to help you hit high notes with power, beauty and accuracy, be more creative and expressive in your everyday life as well as to sing for yourself and with others in your life, and arm you with more skills and resources for professional development or career). We are committed to BUILDING YOUR CONFIDENCE & SKILLS using our cutting-edge NLP- based ACCELERATED LEARNING TECHNIQUES, uniquely developed by Pro Expression for teaching you music, whatever your age, experience, prior ability or inhibitions.

Let us help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS easily and systematically with professional singing lessons and instrumental lessons based on excellent solid technique, skill-building, deeper understanding and context, inspiring your own creativity and expression, and performance practice (optional), and helping you enjoy LEARNING EASILY, QUICKLY WHILST HAVING FUN! When is NOW the time to start learning music? 😉 Contact us today to discuss your needs.

  • Instrumental music lessons

    Instrumental music lessons

    ENJOY INSPIRING, FUN private instrumental music lessons for adults & kids, all levels & styles!
    Adults & kids music lessons available: piano, guitar, violin, viola, music theory & more. Great Music lessons packs & gift vouchers. START TODAY!

  • Creative Alliance

    Creative Alliance

    Our professional network group, links people in Arts with other creatives & non-Arts businesses keen to work together.
    SPECIALIST NLP & PEAK PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY Services & Hypnotherapy. Unlock your creative, mental & physical health potential. Contact us today!

  • Guitar lessons

    Guitar lessons

    Electric and acoustic guitar lessons for adults and kids guitar lessons Brunswick Melbourne
    Some of the best guitar teachers Melbourne has to offer. Learn any style you want whether it be classical, rock, pop, jazz - chords, finger-picking, how to solo, improvisation.. Gift vouchers available too! CALL NOW!

  • Corporate short courses

    Corporate short courses

    CORPORATE CHOIRS, Workshops, Performances designed
    specially for your company or event! Talk to us today
    Gain confidence, have fun team-building and connecting
    with friends, colleagues and clients!

  • Corporate workshops

    Corporate workshops

    ENJOY music lessons with our unique Accelerated Learning
    methods. Learn deeply, have fun!

  • Private music lessons

    Private music lessons

    ENJOY TOP QUALITY private music lessons for all levels
    & styles! Adults & kids music lessons Brunswick Melbourne

  • Violin lessons

    Violin lessons

    Kids violin lessons Brunswick Melbourne Adult violin lessons Brunswick


*NEW TIMESLOTS AVAILABLE* FROM JAN 4th 2016 at Pro Expression, Melbourne music school Brunswick teaching studios for singing lessons, all types of vocal lessons and coaching, piano lessons, violin lessons, viola lessons, electric guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons, music theory lessons, songwriting, improvisation and other specialist private adults and kids music lessons.  Learn with some of the most qualified, respected and passionate private music teachers Melbourne has to offer!  BOOK NOW!
Now is the time to take advantage of our HOTTEST SALE PACKS with FREEBIES & GIFT VOUCHERS until Mar 1st 2016!

  • Not near our music school in Brunswick Melbourne? Skype music lessons and NLP coachings also available! Contact us now



Get highest quality singing lessons , instrumental music lessons and music theory lessons tailored to you, whatever your age, music interests or ability. We’ll help you learn music now and we want to inspire you to LOVE it!
HAVE FUN, LEARN MUSIC QUICKLY & EASILY with our unique accelerated learning techniques, and achieve RESULTS EVERY LESSON.
Rest assured that your music lessons, whether you’re doing singing lessons or instrumental lessons, are with encouraging professional teachers dedicated to your development to help you reach your personal and professional goals, for career or pleasure. We have all gone through the journey of learning music instruments from beginners through to where we are now in our careers and lives, and continue to learn – even from our students every day! We love seeing you get enjoyment from learning music, and celebrate your progress with you along the way!
Learn music continuously or take time out for holidays. Pay for your music lessons per lesson, or choose from some great music lessons packs to suit your budget – even take advantage of fantastic ‘secret deals’ only available to students and subscribers on our private mailing list!  Start any time of year, regardless of school holidays and seasons – if you want to learn music, we’re delighted to teach you!
We help you find greater health, ease of movement, freedom of sound & well-being through breathing enhancement & posture alignment, stress reduction and management. Our peak performance psychology, NLP and specialist hypnotherapy services we offer can also help you overcome fears of public speaking and/singing, overcome shortness of breath and ease panic attacks, improve vocal health and help you rehabilitate from vocal damage, can work closely with speech pathology professionals, and even help you to quit smoking with the proven system Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes (it’s also Lifetime Guaranteed!)!
With our dedicated specialist music teacher you will be taught specific techniques in HOW to practice effectively and efficiently, anywhere any time using proven NLP -based techniques, so as to improve quickly and enjoy playing and singing sooner! You even get full support and recorded tracks between lessons to help you.
SOCIAL & CONCERT OPPORTUNITIES for you to connect with other adults and kids who learn music, and bring your friends, family and spouses to concerts and gatherings!  For aspiring working musicians and those doing professional development we also seek out and offer performance opportunities, community choirs, theatre groups, masterclasses, assessments and even jam sessions for enthusiasts whom simply want to play and sing with other hobbyists! Professional music consultations also available.


We’re help you learn to sing and play music quickly and easily, so you can enjoy the many physical, mental, emotional, expressive and creative benefits (not to mention the social connections!) music gives you for the rest of your life!
Once-off music Christmas and birthday gift vouchers, music lessons packs available for continual progressive learning throughout the year available now!

Singing lessons for adults and kids
Posture & Breathing Enhancement
Vocal coaching, warm-ups / Speech & Drama
Vocal health assessment & rehabilitation support
Piano Lessons for adults and kids
Keyboard Lessons
Acoustic Guitar Lessons for adults and kids
Electric Guitar Lessons
Violin Lessons for adults and kids
Viola Lessons
Music Theory Lessons
Drums/ Percussion/ Rhythm Lessons
Sight Reading Lessons
Songwriting Lessons
Jazz Improvisation Lessons
Recording & Arrangement Lessons
Audition Coaching
Public Speaking & Presentation Coaching
Acting Coaching
Performance Masterclasses
Teacher Training (NLP Advanced Communication Training)


  • Community Choir
  • Posture & Breathing
  • Kids Choir
  • Percussion Group
  • Music Theory / Reading
  • Recording & Arranging

Available for artist-in-residence bookings, hire for concerts and fetes; Professional musician hire and student opportunities; We can custom design an event to suit your school, church, club or community group’s needs.


Need to create synergy in your workplace? We help companies increase productivity, morale and communication, reduce health-related absenteeism, offer performances and workshops for your retreats and conferences.

NLP Training
Effective Communication
NLP Sales & Negotation Training
Singing workshops & choirs
Relaxation, Stress Reduction
Public Speaking & Presentation
NLP Practitioner Training
Life Coaching/ Goal Setting
Musician Hire


Pro Expression Creative Alliance connects professional musicians, music teachers and other creative practitioners from all areas of the arts and holistic healthcare with small business professionals and the corporate sector. Join us for our monthly social events.



Now takings bookings for all vocal and singing lessons for adults and kids, piano lessons, electric and acoustic guitar lessons, viola and violin lessons for adults and kids. Start now, and take advantage of GREAT MUSIC LESSONS PACKS available!
Enrol now for adults and kids singing and instrumental music lessons at our Pro Expression Music School Melbourne studios.  Tailored for YOUR needs and interests.

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Hi everyone, I just had to share this wonderful gift to us. One of the highlights of my teaching career where a much-loved student of mine sent this testimonial in and vouches for his amazing improvement and how happy his gift of music makes him feel. I wanted to share [...]

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